Hoe vergroot je je hoop?

Hoop is een woord dat veel gebruikt wordt in de huidige Covid-19 crisis. Maar kun je hier zelf ook iets mee? Want wat als je eigen situatie er nu helemaal niet hoopvol uitziet? Wat heb je dan aan een hoopvolle boodschap van anderen, zoals bijvoorbeeld van de overheid?

Graag laten we je zien dat hoop niet slechts een passieve emotie is, maar dat je hier ook actief mee aan de slag kunt. Als je manieren weet te vinden om te realiseren waar je op hoopt en om kunt gaan met de obstakels die je daarin tegenkomt zul je zien dat je daarmee ook hoopvoller wordt.

Hopebarometer 2019

The new Hopebarometer report is published in December 2019. This edition focuses on the relation between hope and inclusivity.

With an average score of 6.3, Dutch citizens are as hopeful as they were in 2018, but we do see changes in trust and expectations. People have more positive expectations for life in general and social services such as education, health care and safety. Moreover, trust in financial institutions, such as banks, has increased over the past year. We also see a small but significant increase in trust in strangers, the army and political parties.

Workshop at Social Impact Day Zwolle

As a partner of Spark Your Future (a movement that consists of DSM, Polymer Science Park, Vrije Evangelisatie Zwolle and Institute of Leadership Ethics) we participated on Social Impact Day Zwolle last November. With Spark Your Future we empower inspiring, future-oriented leadership as a driver for the transitions towards more sustainable practices and business models. Spark Your Future is supported by students from Windesheim Honours College who conduct a research on hope and sustainability and how to embed these principles in the municipality of Zwolle. Patrick Nullens, gave a workshop on behalf of Spark Your Future and addressed the crucial need of hope for future-proof leadership.