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The Hope Barometer is a scientific project aimed at finding ways to measure and increase hope in organisations, cities and other groups. We define hope as an engaged desire for an achievable, but always uncertain goal. As such, hope can be an important incentive for change and innovation, and it can help people deal with, and flourish in, a quickly changing world. To understand hope, we need to be able to measure hope, and to measure hope we developed the Hope Barometer! On this website, you can find a shortened version of the Hope Barometer, an overview of previous research and many other things related to hope.

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Omgaan met obstakels

De creativiteit waarmee mensen weten om te gaan met de beperkingen in de crisis is opvallend. Wie creatief is laat zich niet uit de weg slaan als er iets tegenzit. Maar hoe doe je dat, omgaan met obstakels?